Office 365 Supplemental Management Pack

This version has been retired.

Please find the current version (M365 Services Supplemental Management Pack) from the home page.

The Office 365 Supplemental Management Pack v2 includes synthetic transactions that provide an increased level of visibility into the health of the Office 365 environment. For customers that don’t have an on-premises monitoring solution, they are limited to using the Admin Portal. We are providing this supplemental Management Pack for our customers leveraging System Center Operations Manager as their monitoring platform. There is a Microsoft System Center Management Pack for Office 365 available for download, the supplemental management pack described in this document provides a deeper view into the health of the on-premises and cloud environment. The following Office 365 components are monitored using this supplemental management pack:

  • Mail flow – Validate mail flow by sending a test email from a sender mailbox and validating receipt in the receiver mailbox.  
  • Licensing – Verification that a single dedicated user can obtain a license, Monitoring the available pool of licenses for a given subscription. 
  • Performance – Collection of performance rules including Watcher Node connection to Office 365, Mail Flow send/receive and Document upload/download.
  • SharePoint Online – Validate the ability to upload and download files to specific SharePoint Online sites.

The management pack will execute these synthetic transactions from a local point-of-presence within the customer network for a comprehensive view of service availability. 

Note: Office 365 Supplemental Management Pack v1 has been retired. 

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    1. @Per,
      The download link is located near the top of the article for the current M365 MP where it says, “Download here:
      Have a look at the new MP article here: .
      You may notice a subtle name change from “O365” to “M365”; this is why the new version is v1, because it’s the first version with the new name (M365). It is a complete rewrite of the management pack.

      Download Here

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