vNext Office 365 Supplemental Management Pack

Hey Y'all,

I wanted to take a minute today to provide an update regarding future versions of the Office 365 Supplemental Management Pack. Over the last 3 years Taylour Blackwell and myself have been working with a variety of customers implementing v2 of the MP. During this time we've collected and compiled an enormous amount of feedback from customers and engineers using this solution.

This MP was released as a supplement to the Microsoft System Center Management Pack for Office 365 which left significant gaps in our community and for our customers. This solution provided increased visibility into the Office 365 environment via synthetic transactions. The response from customers and the community has all been very positive, as popularity grew we decided to begin the next development cycle.

While we were doing this we decided now would be a good time to align ourselves with the naming convention introduced in April 2020. The next release will be the M365 Supplemental Management Pack and will include the following:

  • Local Application Class Structure for improved targeting
  • Library and Service Management Pack Model
  • GraphAPI Authentication (Replacement for Basic Auth)
  • Multi-Tenant Support
  • Teams and OneDrive Monitoring  (Including Mail-Flow and Licensing)
  • TLS 1.2/1.1/1.0 Workflow Support
  • Enhanced WatcherNode Discovery (TenantName, Location, etc..)
  • Removed pre-requisites for Azure AD and MSOnline PowerShell modules

We have put together a team of resources that we felt could help us take this project to the next level making this solution elegant and reducing the complexity of administration and configuration. All while still providing increased visibility into the Microsoft 365 SaaS solution. Special thanks go out to; Taylour Blackwell, Tyson Paul, Stephen McComas, Jimmy Harper and Sean Christie for their patience, assistance and hard work during the preparation of this release.

Finally, I am excited to say that this version will be available for download by the end of calendar year. Stay tuned for a series of articles from our team detailing the new features and updates that we included in this MP.


2 Replies to “vNext Office 365 Supplemental Management Pack”

  1. Hi,

    In our company we use SSO and Client certificate for authentication. We do not use username and password.
    The current version of MP requres to use RunAs accounts with username and password.
    Will it be possible in the new version of MP.

    1. @Adam,
      The next version will leverage oAuth2 for delegated application access to various M365 services for discovery and monitoring (Teams, OneDrive, mail, License info, SharePoint, etc.) via Graph API.

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