M365 Supplemental Management Pack v1

Hey Y’all,

Happy New Year! I wanted to take a minute and update everyone. There’s been quite a bit of buzz recently and we are excited to announce that the M365 Supplemental Management pack has released!  Keep visiting MonitoringGuys.com for a series of posts where we break down the scripted workflows in the different MPs and provide walkthroughs of each pack. Make sure to give us a follow @MonitoringGuys on Twitter! Again, special thanks go out to all the guys; Taylour Blackwell, Tyson Paul, Stephen McComas, Jimmy Harper and Sean Christie for all of their patience, assistance and hard work on this release, Enjoy!


Download here: M365 Supplemental Management Pack

Current Version: M365SMPv1
Downloads: 303

  • Streamlined Configuration/Setup
    • Configure service monitoring on your M365 Watcher Node with 2 clicks!
  • V1 Release
    • Aligns with the Microsoft 365 Admin Portal
  • Local Application Class Structure
    • Improved service model and workflow targeting
  • Updated Management Pack Model
    • a la carte approach
  • Modern Authentication Support
    • OAuth 2.0 Support (Basic Auth being retired)
    • Application Registration and Service Principals (delegated permissions)
  • Multi-Tenant Support
  • Service Monitoring
    • Mailflow (ExO – Exchange)
      • Synthetic Transactions providing Cloud-based and Hybrid Support
      • Performance based Alerting
    • Microsoft 365 Admin Portal
      • Notifications able to target based on service
      • Single pane of glass for Incidents and Alerts – filter by type, no unnecessary noise
    • SharePoint Online
      • Synthetic Transactions – availability and performance (upload/download)
    • OneDrive
      • Synthetic Transactions – availability and performance (upload/download)
    • License Monitoring
      • Subscription Status
      • License Count (%) tracking
    • Microsoft Teams
      • Synthetic Transactions – message channel availability and performance
    • Watcher Node
      • Service Principal Expiration
      • AAD % Usage Quota
    • Agent Tasks
      • On demand service verification/testing


Exchange Online/Hybrid Send and Receive Total Duration in ms

SQL Data Center style dashboard for consuming scripted workflow performance data

M365 Executive Level HTML5 Dashboard – All M365 Service Levels, Alerts and Watcher Node locations

15 Replies to “M365 Supplemental Management Pack v1”

    1. @Mark
      The M365 Supplemental MP is a different solution than what will be discussed during the webinar. The M365 SMP delivers more flexibility, depth and visibility than the cloud based tools can currently provide.

  1. Hello monitoringguys , and thanks for this MP

    I have an issue:
    WorkflowName: M365SL.AppExpirationMon.PB.PA_()
    Message: Unable to decode ClientSecret. Error: Exception calling “SecureStringToBSTR” with “1” argument(s): “Value cannot be null. Parameter name: s”
    where do I make the mistake? Do you have a hint ?


    1. @Konrad,
      The M365 Supplemental MP does not contain any features or views that would appear in the Administration workspace; only the Monitoring workspace.

  2. Hi, any chance to have function to close rule alerts from Incidents and Advisories automatically in SCOM when they are solved in Admin Central, also if something is not solved in O365 it should reappear in SCOM after closing it.

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