M365 Supplemental Management Pack v1

Hey Y’all,

Happy New Year! I wanted to take a minute and update everyone. There’s been quite a bit of buzz recently and we are excited to announce that the M365 Supplemental Management pack has released!  Keep visiting MonitoringGuys.com for a series of posts where we break down the scripted workflows in the different MPs and provide walkthroughs of each pack. Make sure to give us a follow @MonitoringGuys on Twitter! Again, special thanks go out to all the guys; Taylour Blackwell, Tyson Paul, Stephen McComas, Jimmy Harper and Sean Christie for all of their patience, assistance and hard work on this release, Enjoy!


Download here: M365 Supplemental Management Pack

Current Version: M365SMPv1
Downloads: 222

  • V1 Release
    • Aligns with the Microsoft 365 Admin Portal
  • Local Application Class Structure
    • Improved targeting
    • Service Model
  • Updated Management Pack Model
    • Library
    • Services
  • Modern Authentication Support
    • OAuth 2.0 Support (Basic Auth being retired)
    • Application Registration and Service Principals
  • Multi-Tenant Support
  • Service Monitoring
    • Mailflow (ExO – Exchange)
      • Synthetic Transactions providing Cloud-based and Hybrid Support
      • Performance based Alerting
    • Microsoft 365 Admin Portal
      • Notifications able to target based on service
      • Single pane of glass for Incidents and Alerts – filter by type, no unnecessary noise
    • SharePoint Online
      • Synthetic Transactions providing State and Performance of upload/download
    • OneDrive
      • Synthetic Transactions for upload/download
    • License Monitoring
      • Subscription Status
      • License Count (%)
    • Microsoft Teams
      • Synthetic Transactions providing state of messaging channel
      • Message Send/Receive and Total Duration
    • Watcher Node
      • Service Principal Expiration
      • AAD % Usage Quota
    • Agent Tasks
      • On demand service verification/testing


Exchange Online/Hybrid Send and Receive Total Duration in ms

SQL Data Center style dashboard for consuming scripted workflow performance data

M365 Executive Level HTML5 Dashboard – All M365 Service Levels, Alerts and Watcher Node locations

13 Replies to “M365 Supplemental Management Pack v1”

    1. @Mark
      The M365 Supplemental MP is a different solution than what will be discussed during the webinar. The M365 SMP delivers more flexibility, depth and visibility than the cloud based tools can currently provide.

  1. Hello monitoringguys , and thanks for this MP

    I have an issue:
    WorkflowName: M365SL.AppExpirationMon.PB.PA_()
    Message: Unable to decode ClientSecret. Error: Exception calling “SecureStringToBSTR” with “1” argument(s): “Value cannot be null. Parameter name: s”
    where do I make the mistake? Do you have a hint ?


    1. @Konrad,
      The M365 Supplemental MP does not contain any features or views that would appear in the Administration workspace; only the Monitoring workspace.

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