Where is my SCOM group?

Groups are defined in management packs. When you create a group in the Console, it gets stored in an unsealed management pack.

At the time of this writing, there is no easy way to determine where groups are saved/stored/defined. This can become painful when trying to create monitors or rules in the Console with the intention of overriding for a custom group stored in an unsealed management pack; the monitoring workflow MUST be saved into the same MP as the group.

Remember, you cannot reference something in an unsealed MP (from another unsealed MP).
One unsealed MP cannot reference another.
You can reference things within the same unsealed MP.

Monitor1 is saved into MP X.
Group1 is saved into MP X.
Group2 is saved into MP Y.

Override Monitor1 for Group1 = Yes
Override Monitor1 for Group2 = No

Create a monitor in unsealed MP “X”, you cannot override it for a group stored in unsealed MP “Y”.

I’ve personally pleaded my case to the product group to add this information to the Groups view. However, I’m still waiting. Fingers crossed for sometime this year. In the meantime, here’s a PowerShell Grid Widget view to help.

This unsealed MP contains the view shown above. Enjoy.

Download “Groups.in.Management.Packs.xml”

Groups.in_.Management.Packs1_.0.0.0.zip – Downloaded 976 times – 1.87 KB

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