SCOM Agent Proxy Management Pack

New! Version 2 Here

This is an easy solution to configure your SCOM agents to use an HTTP proxy.

The SCOM agent uses a special configuration file for Powershell probe HTTP traffic. The agent takes its orders from a local config file located at:
<agent install path>\MonitoringHost.exe.config

( In the case of my test agent-managed computer:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Monitoring Agent\Agent\MonitoringHost.exe.config )

  1. This is unrelated to the Azure Log Analytics proxy address that is configured through the Control Panel applet.
  2. This is unrelated to the Proxy Settings tab found in the Console at: Administration->Management Servers->Properties->Proxy Settings.
  3. This is unrelated to the Web Availability Transaction Monitoring or Availability monitoring. The datasource for those types has its own proxy mechanism/settings.
  4. This is relevant for (but not limited to) PowerShell scripted workflows.

Step 1: Enable Discovery

Enable the discovery for one or more agents.

Note: After creating the discovery override, an agent restart will likely speed up the discovery process.

Objects become discovered.

Step 2: Run the “Configure” task

Select an agent object, then run the task.

The bypasslist is optional, of course. It accepts unlimited RegEx patterns separated by a single space.

Use the task to configure the proxy address.


  1. http://internalproxy.spinco.local:8080
  3. http://internalproxy (port 80 is assumed)

Note: httpS proxy is not supported.

The Task default behavior will automatically restart the HealthService. The agent will use the new proxy settings upon restart. The agentProxy discovery workflow will discover the new proxy configuration which will eventually be displayed in your Console.

Once the mgmt server(s) calculate group membership at the next interval, all ‘enabled’ proxy objects will automatically become monitored for TCP connectivity.

You can add to or remove from the bypasslist or enable/disable the proxy at any time by running the “Configure” task again.

Additionally there is a Test task which will test basic TCP port connectivity to the proxy server but also will perform a basic HTTP request to a test URL via the proxy.

Test results

2021.10.22: Changed discovery target from Agent to HealthService.
2021.08.13: Fixed ‘disable’ functionality in Configure agent task. Disabling proxy with the task works correctly now.
2021.07.12: v1

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