Reset SCOM Object Health and Alerts Task

Newly added to the SCOMAgentHelper management pack is a task that is capable of:

  • Reset health for all monitors of the object instance.
  • Trigger health recalculation for eligible monitors.
  • Close all eligible alerts for the instance.

In the example below you can see the Exchange Online service object has alerts generated from both a rule and a monitor. The task parameter, “ResetMontitorHealth”, is true and therefore will reset the health of the eligible monitors for the instance. This means that ALL monitors which target the Exchange service instance will be reset. This will automatically resolve any alerts that are automatically resolvable. The task parameter, “CloseEligibleAlerts”, is true and therefore will close all existing alerts which are closeable via the SDK.

*The name of the task in the screenshot above has since been updated.

Health Reset Event View

Version History

  • 2023.03.09 – v1.0.0.119. Updated the task to effectively target any/all objects in the mgmt group, agents and mgmt servers alike.
  • 2023.03.07 – v1.0.0.88. Initial implementation of the task was only effective for objects hosted on mgmt servers.

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