Author: Tyson Paul

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SQL Always On Availability Group Listener monitoring management pack

Requirements: Note: This is specifically for AOAG Listeners and does not include DNN at this time. Discovery This MP contains a single discovery workflow which targets the MSSQL on Windows: Local DB Engine class and uses two PowerShell modules. The first module will query the SQL instance to obtain information about all known SQL Availability ….  Read More

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Reset SCOM Object Health and Alerts Task

Newly added to the SCOMAgentHelper management pack is a task that is capable of: In the example below you can see the Exchange Online service object has alerts generated from both a rule and a monitor. The task parameter, “ResetMontitorHealth”, is true and therefore will reset the health of the eligible monitors for the instance. ….  Read More

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SCOM Console Web Page View: index of all rules and monitors with knowledge articles

Required: Create a new Rule. Create a new MP with name: “IndexOfWorkflowKnowledge” Rule Name: GenerateWorkflowIndex Timed PowerShell Script RuleRule Target: Management ServerRule is not enabled. Override: ENABLE for one specific mgmt server to start with, the one you connect to with your Console. Add additional mgmt servers if needed. Create a new Web Page View ….  Read More