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Certificate Request from Standalone CA Certificate Authority for Operations Manager, SCOM 2012/R2

  Note: Every management server (except if it is the standalone CA) and every untrusted agent or untrusted gateway server will require installation of the ROOT CA certificate. This certificate will need to be imported into the Local Computer -> Trusted Root Certification Authorities store by using the MMC with the Certificates snap-in. Instructions below. ….  Read More

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Install Standalone CA (Certificate Authority) on Windows Server 2012 R2 for use with Operations Manager

After looking around a bit I couldn’t find a decent tutorial that addressed this specific scenario (not one that demonstrated Powershell anyway). I ended up writing this for a client who didn’t have their PKI infrastructure sorted out yet. I prefer to use Powershell as it is much faster and efficient for these steps. (Just ….  Read More

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How to Get Knowledge Article from a SCOM Alert with Powershell

I’ve had numerous requests lately for scripts to extract Knowledge Article info from alerts and workflows so I thought it might be helpful to post some scripts for the community to use. Download at TechNet Gallery Get-SCOMAlertKnowledge.ps1 This script is geared towards use with a connector, possibly for Service Manager ticketing or with SCORCH. This ….  Read More

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URLGenie Management Pack for SCOM – An Easy, Powerful Solution for Bulk Website Monitoring

  2018.12.10: Version available. Fixed the clientcert group population. 2018.10.23 Update: Version 2 now available!  Current version: (this does require a rip and replace of previous versions before v2.x) Management pack and Guide available for download here. (the guide has been fully updated )   Let me start by first saying that I was inspired to ….  Read More

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SCOM Enhanced Email Notification Script Version 2.2

  SCOM Enhanced Email Notification Script Version 2.2 now supports Subscriber schedules and Address schedules! Setup Instructions:  See original post.   You can download the current version of this script from Technet Gallery   Note: Any exclusions take precedence over any inclusions.   Page Updates: 2015.3.12: Modified the script slightly to change the way the PSModulePath variable gets ….  Read More