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SCOM 2012: How Does an Agent Task Get Executed?

I was recently working on creating some agent Powershell tasks for a management pack project and it occurred to me: I don’t fully understand how agent tasks get executed. What I mean is, I know how they work for the most part thanks to the school of hard knocks and also this fantastic explanation: ….  Read More

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SCOM Powershell Export-SCOMEffectiveMonitoringConfiguration cmdlet Doesn’t Output Complete Data

UPDATE: 2021.06.10See SCOMHelper PowerShell module for the Effective Monitoring report functions. Operations Manager 2012, R2 – UR2 I was working on a support case recently when it was brought to my attention that this cmdlet does not output ALL contained instance configurations even when the“-RecurseContainedObjects“parameter is used. Yes, really!  It outputs configuration data for only one ….  Read More

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Operations Manager 2012 R2 UR2 Powershell Grid Widget Effective Monitoring Configuration Dashboard

Have you ever wanted to simply click a server object and see all of the effective rule and monitor configuration settings in one view?  Now you can. NOTES: This dashboard isn’t perfect. I’ve seen some weird behavior on occasion. Sometimes the top right widget will update with content from other widgets that exist in other ….  Read More

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Operations Manager 2012 SP1 Upgrade to R2 Failed, “a database upgrade is already in progress from another machine”

  When I first attempted to upgrade my lab instance from Operations Manager 2012 SP1 Upgrade to R2 the process failed and initiated a rollback.  I found that my path to the Setup.exe was entirely too long due to folder nesting. The Setup.exe was located in:  C:\SCOM_INSTALL\System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager (x86 and x64) – ….  Read More

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Set Primary and Failover Management Servers for Agent Managed Computers with Powershell

Here’s an easy script to set the primary and secondary management servers for all agent managed computers in your management group. Just run this on any management server: *Note: this script works well for agents that have never been assigned parent/failover with PowerShell. Once you use PowerShell to assign parents, it becomes problematic to assign ….  Read More