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SCOMHelper PowerShell Module – A SCOM Admin’s Best Friend

(installation instructions at bottom) Update: 2020.11.19: v1.31 – Improved Update-SCOMComputerGroupUpdate: 2020.09.22: v1.28 – Added Get-SCOMRunningWorkflowsUpdate: 2020.08.19: Added Update-SCOMComputerGroupUpdate: 2020.08.12: Added New-SCOMComputerGroupUpdate: 2020.05.13: Added Export-SCOMOverrides, Deploy-SCOMAgent Get-SCOMRunningWorkflows – Will return an object that represents detailed task results for agent task: ‘Microsoft.SystemCenter.GetAllRunningWorkflows’ Update-SCOMComputerGroup – Will overwrite an existing instance group or computer group containing Windows Computers [Microsoft.Windows.Computer] ….  Read More

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How to Analyze a SCOM Property Bag

From time to time I find myself writing PowerShell scripts for custom workflows: rules, monitors, tasks, etc. Often times the project at hand requires a property bag full of juicy data to be used in the workflow. There are a handful of other blogs that describe what a property bag is but here I’ll show ….  Read More