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SCOM Management Pack for Azure SQL Managed Instance

This won’t be an exhaustive tutorial on all facets of the MP, only my notes on my experiences with manual vs automatic monitoring setup of the Azure SQL MI MP ( ). It will mostly be screenshots and notes of how I accomplished setup for both approaches specifically for my lab. Basic Requirements Note: ….  Read More

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Graph API healthOverviews 403 Forbidden

Heading I use the M365 Services Supplemental Monitoring management pack in my lab. I recently noticed that calls to: within my application have been failing with “403 Forbidden”. A few other folks that I know started seeing the same problem. Nothing had changed on our ends, we all checked absolutely everything. All other Graph calls ….  Read More

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M365 Services Supplemental Monitoring Management Pack v2

Hey Everyone! We are excited to announce that v2 of the M365 Services Supplemental MP is now available for download! We have continued to improve the flexibility and deliver a streamlined easy to implement monitoring solution for your organization. We have added additional real-time service test Console tasks to ease the pain of troubleshooting and ….  Read More