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Microsoft Graph API test script for M365 Services

Here’s an easy snippet for doing some basic testing of M365 services via Microsoft Graph. Don’t forget that your app registration permissions must be correct before you will find any success with this test. App Registration Permission App registration permissions shown below at the time of this writing.NOTE: ┬áMessage Center Reader role is required as ….  Read More

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SCOM Management Pack for Azure SQL Managed Instance

This won’t be an exhaustive tutorial on all facets of the MP, only my notes on my experiences with manual vs automatic monitoring setup of the Azure SQL MI MP ( ). It will mostly be screenshots and notes of how I accomplished setup for both approaches specifically for my lab. Basic Requirements Note: ….  Read More

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Create a group for disabled SQL engines

My customer has many custom monitoring workflows that target the MSSQL on Windows: DB Engine (Microsoft.SQLServer.Windows.DBEngine) class. For various reasons some of those engines are disabled and they wanted an easy way to override these workflows only for the disabled engines. My goal here is to dynamically populate a group with only disabled SQL engines. ….  Read More

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Cleaning old health state change data made easy

The SCOM Maintenance MP that I published in 2022 made purging discovery data and config synch effortless. Newly added to the MP are the following agent tasks: State change history is recorded for every monitored object when the health state for any monitor changes between Healthy, Warning, and Critical. If the object is in an ….  Read More

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M365 Services Supplemental Monitoring Management Pack v3 (

2023.07.31: Update – Due to recent changes in Azure/Graph the Services management pack now requires the user account to be assigned the “Message Center Reader” role. We plan to update the MP guide in the near future.(Ref: ). We recently updated v3 of the M365 Services Supplemental MP to provide some performance improvements, feature ….  Read More

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Graph API healthOverviews 403 Forbidden

Heading I use the M365 Services Supplemental Monitoring management pack in my lab. I recently noticed that calls to: within my application have been failing with “403 Forbidden“. A few other folks that I know started seeing the same problem. Nothing had changed on our ends, we all checked absolutely everything. All other Graph calls ….  Read More

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SQL Always On Availability Group Listener monitoring management pack

New! 2023.06.22: Now supports Distributed Network Names (DNN)! Make sure you have the newest version. Version History: Download: Requirements: Discovery This MP contains a single discovery workflow which targets the MSSQL on Windows: Local DB Engine class and uses two PowerShell modules. The first module will query the SQL instance to obtain information about all ….  Read More

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M365 Services Supplemental Monitoring Management Pack v3

We are excited to announce that v3 of the M365 Services Supplemental MP is now available for download! We strive to deliver a streamlined and easy to implement monitoring solution for your organizational M365 monitoring needs! We have added and updated our real-time service test Console tasks to ease the pain of troubleshooting and verifying ….  Read More