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Configuring SQL Logins for SCOM Accounts Made Easy

Credit where it’s due: tidbytez and K. Brian Kelley on There are two scenarios that I’ll cover here: Clone an existing SQL login with comprehensive stored procedures. This is useful when changing/replacing existing SCOM accounts.Create new logins with appropriate permissions based on login type/role. This is useful for:- Moving/restoring a SCOM database to a new ….  Read More

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Easily Configure SCOM Cross-Platform Management Server Certificates

One of the more annoying tasks when configuring monitoring for nix/xplat agents is exporting management server certificates, then importing those certificates on all other members of the designated cross-platform resource pool. When you deploy a nix agent, the agent will automatically trust only the management server which performed the certificate signing procedure during the agent ….  Read More

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SCOM Export-SCOMKnowledge Report

Export-SCOMKnowledge Available here: SCOMHelper PowerShell Module This function will get all rule and monitor knowledge article content and output the information to separate files (Rules.html and Monitors.html) in the output folder path specified. In the example above the variable will be assigned a collection of all management pack objects with “.AD.” in the name.That subset/collection of ….  Read More