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Operations Manager 2012 R2 UR2 Powershell Grid Widget Effective Monitoring Configuration Dashboard

Have you ever wanted to simply click a server object and see all of the effective rule and monitor configuration settings in one view?  Now you can. NOTES: This dashboard isn’t perfect. I’ve seen some weird behavior on occasion. Sometimes the top right widget will update with content from other widgets that exist in other ….  Read More

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Operations Manager 2012 SP1 Upgrade to R2 Failed, “a database upgrade is already in progress from another machine”

  When I first attempted to upgrade my lab instance from Operations Manager 2012 SP1 Upgrade to R2 the process failed and initiated a rollback.  I found that my path to the Setup.exe was entirely too long due to folder nesting. The Setup.exe was located in:  C:\SCOM_INSTALL\System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager (x86 and x64) – ….  Read More

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Microsoft.SystemCenter.WebApplication.UrlProbe Error Code Reference

  This is just a reference page for the various error codes that you might encounter when using the URLProbe in Operations Manager workflows.   Error code Status or Value 100 HTTP_STATUS_CONTINUE 101 HTTP_STATUS_SWITCH_PROTOCOLS 200 HTTP_STATUS_OK 201 HTTP_STATUS_CREATED 202 HTTP_STATUS_ACCEPTED 203 HTTP_STATUS_PARTIAL 204 HTTP_STATUS_NO_CONTENT 205 HTTP_STATUS_RESET_CONTENT 206 HTTP_STATUS_PARTIAL_CONTENT 207 HTTP_STATUS_WEBDAV_MULTI_STATUS 300 HTTP_STATUS_AMBIGUOUS 301 HTTP_STATUS_MOVED 302 ….  Read More

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Workflow Analyzer Unhandled Exception: “The system cannot find the file specified”

UPDATE: 2021.06.10Workflow Analyzer has been reborn! See here for more details. Recently I borrowed a lab instance of Operations Manager 2012 R2 from a friend. I was attempting to troubleshoot a discovery in a management pack that I’ve been working on when I encountered some trouble with the Workflow Analyzer (wfanalyzer.exe). The WFA is a ….  Read More