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M365 Services Supplemental Monitoring Management Pack v3 (

2023.07.31: Update – Due to recent changes in Azure/Graph the Services management pack now requires the user account to be assigned the “Message Center Reader” role. We plan to update the MP guide in the near future.(Ref: https://monitoringguys.com/2023/07/28/graph-api-healthoverviews-403-forbidden/ ). We recently updated v3 of the M365 Services Supplemental MP to provide some performance improvements, feature ….  Read More

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Graph API healthOverviews 403 Forbidden

Heading I use the M365 Services Supplemental Monitoring management pack in my lab. I recently noticed that calls to:https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/admin/serviceAnnouncement/healthOverviews within my application have been failing with “403 Forbidden“. A few other folks that I know started seeing the same problem. Nothing had changed on our ends, we all checked absolutely everything. All other Graph calls ….  Read More

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Visual Studio New SCOM Management Pack Project HRESULT: 0x80041FE1

If Visual Studio doesn’t have the necessary components installed, VS may fail to open your management pack project. Here’s an example of a failure when creating a new SCOM management pack. The ActivityLog.xml shows some interesting entries… C:\Users\typaul\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\VisualStudio\17.0_56cc09fb Notice all the failures related to “Modeling.Sdk“ Solution Launch the Installer to modify the VS 2022 installation ….  Read More

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SQL Always On Availability Group Listener monitoring management pack

New! 2023.06.22: Now supports Distributed Network Names (DNN)! Make sure you have the newest version. Version History: Download: Requirements: Discovery This MP contains a single discovery workflow which targets the MSSQL on Windows: Local DB Engine class and uses two PowerShell modules. The first module will query the SQL instance to obtain information about all ….  Read More

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Use Group Managed Service Accounts for RunAs Accounts in Operations Manager

Summary Previously, Monitoring Guys had a post about using Group Managed Service Accounts for core Operations Manager Services (link).  However, we can also use Group Managed Service Accounts for RunAs accounts as well.  This article shows you the steps you need to take to make these accounts work in your environment. Group Managed Service Accounts ….  Read More

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M365 Services Supplemental Monitoring Management Pack v3

We are excited to announce that v3 of the M365 Services Supplemental MP is now available for download! We strive to deliver a streamlined and easy to implement monitoring solution for your organizational M365 monitoring needs! We have added and updated our real-time service test Console tasks to ease the pain of troubleshooting and verifying ….  Read More

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Reset SCOM Object Health and Alerts Task

Newly added to the SCOMAgentHelper management pack is a task that is capable of: In the example below you can see the Exchange Online service object has alerts generated from both a rule and a monitor. The task parameter, “ResetMontitorHealth”, is true and therefore will reset the health of the eligible monitors for the instance. ….  Read More

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SCOM Console Web Page View: index of all rules and monitors with knowledge articles

Required: Create a new Rule. Create a new MP with name: “IndexOfWorkflowKnowledge” Rule Name: GenerateWorkflowIndex Timed PowerShell Script RuleRule Target: Management ServerRule is not enabled. Override: ENABLE for one specific mgmt server to start with, the one you connect to with your Console. Add additional mgmt servers if needed. Create a new Web Page View ….  Read More