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Workflow Analyzer for SCOM is back!

Good news! The workflow troubleshooting tool that you might remember from over a decade ago is back and better than ever. Some good folks with the System Center product group have recently listened to this engineer’s crying and pleading. It has finally been rebooted with a few improvements. If my memory serves me correctly (I’m ….  Read More

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SCOM – Trace Workflow Agent Task

Launch a task, see what the agent is doing. It’s that easy. This post is going to be short and sweet, right to the point with brief instructions on how to get agent trace data in front of your eyeballs as fast as possible. There are basically two types of SCOM traces:1) General – Capture ….  Read More

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Configuring SQL Logins for SCOM Accounts Made Easy

Credit where it’s due: tidbytez and K. Brian Kelley on mssqltips.com There are two scenarios that I’ll cover here: Clone an existing SQL login with comprehensive stored procedures. This is useful when changing/replacing existing SCOM accounts.Create new logins with appropriate permissions based on login type/role. This is useful for:- Moving/restoring a SCOM database to a new ….  Read More

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Implementing gMSA in SCOM 2019 UR1

gMSA Configuration, Operations Manager 2019 UR1 12/14/2020, Version 1.3 Final Prepared by:CJ RawsonSenior Customer Engineer Contributors:Scott MathemeierSenior Customer Engineer Editing and other minor contributions:Tyson PaulSenior Customer Engineer Revision and Signoff SheetChange Record DateAuthorVersionChange Reference06/06/2020CJ Rawson1Initial final for review/discussion06/10/2020CJ Rawson1.1Added Security Matrix to Appendix06/16/2020Scott Mathemeier1.2Updated verbiage, nomenclature, formatting12/14/2020Scott Mathemeier1.3Update service account verbiage and SQL Ops Mgr ….  Read More