M365 Services Supplemental Monitoring Management Pack v3

We are excited to announce that v3 of the M365 Services Supplemental MP is now available for download! We strive to deliver a streamlined and easy to implement monitoring solution for your organizational M365 monitoring needs! We have added and updated our real-time service test Console tasks to ease the pain of troubleshooting and verifying service disruptions. We have integrated the Microsoft Teams Network Assessement Tool in this release with performance metrics for Network Jitter, Packet Loss, and Round Trip Latency. Some of the v3 updates are listed below and are also explained in the video tutorial/walk-through. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @MonitoringGuys !

Detailed walkthrough of App registration, M365 user accounts, SPO/Teams requirements, and MP configurations.
  • Added Teams Network Assessment Tool and MP, provides an additional layer to our already comprehensive Teams monitoring!
  • Teams NAT: Updated PacketLossRate to PacketLossRatePercent for rule and monitor
  • Agent Proxy Task – Option to configure Windows proxy settings with an easy agent task.
  • Fixed Counter name for Verify Chat Duration performance rule
  • Updated Mailflow cleanup rule defaults: Interval: 43400->3600, MaxToDelete: 500-1000
  • Added ability to control the size of test file for OneDrive and SharePoint Online synthetic transactions. Added orphaned test-file cleanup routine.
  • Added auto cleanup of incident messages for M365 Services. Added incident number to incident alert names.
  • Improved the DirectoryPercentConsumed/DirectoryPercentFree calculations for the M365 Organizational monitor for all locales.
  • Updated PowerBI Template providing easy to consume indicators for IT staff and Leadership! (requires min PowerBI Desktop ver 2.110.805.0) 

The Monitoring Guys

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