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How to Get Knowledge Article from a SCOM Alert with Powershell

I’ve had numerous requests lately for scripts to extract Knowledge Article info from alerts and workflows so I thought it might be helpful to post some scripts for the community to use. Download at TechNet Gallery Get-SCOMAlertKnowledge.ps1 This script is geared towards use with a connector, possibly for Service Manager ticketing or with SCORCH. This ….  Read More

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URLGenie Management Pack for SCOM – An Easy, Powerful Solution for Bulk Website Monitoring

2020.11.19: v2.0.0.462020.05.05: V Management pack and Guide available for download here: Let me start by first saying that I was inspired to start this project after dissecting a very cool solution by Kristopher Bash. Without this excellent example, I would have never set out on this authoring journey. A few years ago I was working ….  Read More

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SCOM Powershell Export-SCOMEffectiveMonitoringConfiguration cmdlet Doesn’t Output Complete Data

  I was working on a support case recently when it was brought to my attention that this cmdlet does not output ALL contained instance configurations even when the “-RecurseContainedObjects” parameter is used. Yes, really!  It outputs configuration data for only one instance of each particular type, be it a logical disk or Ethernet adapter etc., you ….  Read More